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 Silk Tie

Silk Tie

Price: $88.75

Silk Tie


Top quality slik with charming prints; Wisdom, sense and fashion; Make a elegant gentleman style of high-society.
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Price: $88.75
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by Neneng, 24 Jan 2013

Reading all those comments and potnis of view have made me wonder What is really Tsukishima after?? I mean from what i understood the whole point of teaching fullbring to Ichigo is to give him his shinigami powers back right?? So then what does Tsukishima gains from preventing Ichigo to regain his powers again. He has his fullbring (a pretty scary and powerful one by the way) so how the fact that the X-cution group decided to get rid of their powers to help Ichigo so they can be free affects him. Maybe its a personal vendetta against his former group. If it is, why go to such lenghts of controlling all of Ichigo's family and closest friends to prevent it?Tsukishima's powers obviously puts him in other people past as he was present when that moment happened well here is what i think. I think the whole point of Tsukishima is doing this is because he doesn't want to be alone. I think he is a really tormented soul that at one point felt that doesn't belong and when he finally finds a group where he belongs, the fact that X-cution don't want to share that(being different) with him anymore is unaceptable for him. That would explain the nature of his powers too don't you think? With his powers he would never be alone.

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